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Since Butler Freight Services commenced operations in 1970 we have grown to become one of the most highly sought after providers servicing the Melbourne waterfront.  We provide 24 hour operational capability across transport and warehousing services to our valued client base.

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FCL Services

With the West Melbourne facility located within 300m of the Port of Melbourne, we offer highly efficient FCL services focused on customer service.  Utilising one of Melbourne’s largest fleet of prime movers, various trailer combinations, sideloaders and reach stackers we are equipped to meet your container needs.  Click here for further information.

Warehousing Solutions

Our capability includes DAFF (AQIS), Custom Bond storage and Australian Customs section 77G compliance. Our customers appreciate our leading IT system that allows for the tracking of goods that best suit their needs (eg. by use by date, batch or customer order number) and security systems.  Click here for further details.

CFS/FAK Services

BFS Extra provide bonded customs controlled unpacks with leading freight availability timing and truck turnaround times.  Our FAK partners value no truck queue times, superior unpack and cargo availability along with our daily stock on hand reports highlighting each line of cargo that remains in the warehouse.  Click here for further details.

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